My microwave lives on a pantry shelf, there just wasn’t room to put it on the bench. Due to it’s new home I have found that I tend to use it less.  But are there real ways to phase out the use of the microwave,  and have you done it?The number one use of my microwave is to reheat the bulk dinners I make. I make a huge pot of food, separate into Pyrex containers and freeze. When it comes time for dinner, I simply pop the lid off and reheat!  It is like frozen dinners just made by me! The majority of these meals however can be defrosted in the fridge, and then put into a pot to reheat.


The other ways people can phase out the use of their microwave is to:

  1. Stop buying frozen meals. These are a huge waste of plastic and paper since they are usually covered in all sorts of safety seals. They never taste as good as a home made dinner nor they give you the satisfaction of a full meal (well I always find I am still hungry afterward!). Learning healthier ways of eating and preparing meals is so easy with all the information on the internet. Bulk cooking is easy once you find some yummy recipes you like and keep them lean and vegetable packed and you will be set!
  2. Learn to love the stove top again. We have been reheating meals , melting butter, popping popcorn, and much more all on the stove top. It is easy to get into using your stove if you plan well. Frozen soup is one you have to plan ahead with since this usually takes the longest to reheat on the stove, so make sure you defrost it in your fridge first.
    Steaming vegetables on the stove also keeps them more nutritious then zapping it in a microwave. If you buy frozen vegetables, defrost them in the fridge or on the bench and you can steam or oven bake as normal. I only use frozen vegetables as a back up in last minute curries if I don’t have anything on hand and the cooking process cooks them to perfection and I don’t need to add extra water to anything.
  3. Buy a really good kettle. They have a range of eco kettles now that boil water fast. This is incredibly handy if you want to melt a little butter in a cup in a bowl of boiled water. Also if you want to melt some chocolate too. Avoid reheating cups of coffee and tea by adding some hot water to them, or by drinking them before they get cold!

Have you cut back on your microwave use and do you think you need to?

Image by djeyewater
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