December 29, 2016

Winter abounds – indoor drying solutions

I am going to say it here once and for all, I am NOT a winter person! Living in Melbourne however means I get a big hefty dose of chilly days and nights.Our rainy days mean I hang all my laundry indoors – so here is a roundup of the best indoor laundry solutions.

I currently use two indoor hanging solutions – luckily enough I have a spare room (IE junk room) which this all goes into (along with books, boxes and a desk I rarely use!).

The first one is the good and never fail clothes horse/drying rack. I love it because I get levels to hang things such as tshirts on the top and socks at the bottom!

The second one I own was a house warming present that I actually didn’t like too much when I got it, but as the story always goes, when I used it, I loved it.

BUT both of these items in Winter usually completely fill my spare room and I then will use it as a closet. I no longer actually put clothes away but just take them from the clothes horse. Sad I know!

But what other options are out there? Are there ones that will allow me to have something simply installed in the house that can be hidden or folded away? Let’s take a look!

Here is a great DIY solution if you have weird nooks that you can use. Chez Larsson (AKA Benita) created this in her home and it looks like it would work a treat. I am not sure how low to the ground it is but I can imagine this would be a great solution for hanging tea towels, dish rags etc. See his full DIY description and photos here – Chez Larsson

This is the Antonious drying rack from Ikea.

This is something that you affix to the wall in your laundry/garage/spare drying room or even outdoors on your deck or porch. It obviously retracts up and down depending on your laundry situation. I think this would work wonders in a small unit or apartment and would be great above a washing machine. Again, I would end up leaving all my clothes on it and basically have a second wardrobe! See more info – Ikea Antonious

This “over the bath” option looks really handy! I have a small bath that, of course, never gets used and accumulates dust. So I could easily use the space to put this little gem there and voila!, a new drying area! I am not sure how it would go having showers in the same room – I guess I would have to move the clothes before showering.
Better Housewares Bathtub Drying Rack

So what do you think – do any of these look good?

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  1. Great pictures. It seems like there are many options for drying clothes. Thanks for posting.

  2. These are great ideas, they also put moisture back into a dry area. I always dry my wash year round by hanging to help save on the electric bill, I have 2 old wooden drying racks and also use the extra shower to hang items in to dry. During warm months I put the wooden dry racks outside to dry but in cooler months I just set them up inside the house, this adds moisture to the already dry air.

    • It may be summer here in Aus, but the rain has kept my laundry indoors! Argh – frustrating to lose a room to laundry but the necessities of life! :)

  3. Bruce Warwick says:

    I have highdronic heating in our house and I am looking for dryer racks that hook on to them so you can utilize the heat coming off them can anybody help

    • Have a look at They make a line that hooks over balconys, length & width are adjustable. It may be adaptable to hook over your hydronic heating panel


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